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• Solar architecture. Solar buildings.
• Technology of the Solar- thermal collectors.
• Photovoltaic technologies.
• Solar systems and its applications. Thermal applications of the solar energy.
• Photovoltaic technologies.
• Solar systems and its applications. Thermal applications of the solar energy.
• Photovoltaic Systems. Stand-alone Photovoltaic Systems. Grid-connected Systems.
• Applications in farming. Water pumping.
• Solar radiation. Solar radiation maps.
• Regulatory frame of Solar energy.


• Available resources.
• Biomass exploitation for energetic uses.
• Pyrolisis and gasification.
• Combustion processes.
• Optimisation of the main parameters.
• Modelisation of energetic systems for biomass exploitation.
• Systems for the collecting, transport, storage and use of biomass.
• Pre-treatment and drying systems.
• Biofuels for energetic plants and transport.
• Studies about the energetic exploitation of the Biomass
• Evaluation of the energetic potential of the biomass.
• Design and calculations refered to the installations.
• Current situation and perspectives.
• Thermogravimetric analysis of the energetic conversion processes.
• Thermic conversion.
• Energetic conversion technologies.
• Removal of residues and its energetic exploitation.
• Absortion systems by energetic installations of biomass.
• Generation of H2 by biomass conversion processes.
• Energetic cultivations.
• Agroforestall residues.
• Thermic and electric production.


• Technology and design of aerogenerators.
• Energetic considetarions.
• Eolic parks: viability, project and exploitation.
• Current situation and perspectives.
• Incentives for eolic energy.
• Potential of eolic energy (production of electric energy, water pumping, H2 Production, fuel batteries).
• Software tools for the Determination of the eolic potential and the gestion of projects.
• Environmental and economical perspective of eolic energy.
• Design, construction and maintenance of eolic parks.
• Integral gestión of eolic parks.
• New technologies.


• Minihidraulic centrals.
• Technologies.
• Minihidraulic potential.
• Perspectives of future.
• Normatives.
• Analysis of the vibrations in minihidraulic devices.
• Hidraulic microturbines.
• Project of installations.
• Connection systems.
• Regulation and control systems.
• Legal trámites for the implantation of minihidraulic systems.
• Study and implantation of the main parameters (flow, available salto and power).
• Study of the viability of minihidraulic installations and costes control.
• Maintenance and control.




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